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March 2022

Beyond the Shadow of Debt – Shining a Light on High-Cost Lending

March 31, 2022
For many New Zealanders the consumer credit lending experience is generally positive, with many credit lenders complying with regulations. Credit law reforms including the recent changes to regulations signal a commitment from the government to ensure lenders are diligent in their duty of care towards consumers. However, our concern, despite the current credit laws, many vulnerable families and communities continue to be exploited through irresponsible and harmful lending practices, most often through short-term high-cost loans. Download Beyond the Shadow of Debt Report
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The coming storm for New Zealand’s future retirees

March 30, 2022
Dr Claire Dale, Chairperson of Ngā Tāngata Microfinance discusses the coming storm for New Zealand’s future retirees: still renting and not enough savings to avoid poverty. Read full article - The Coming Storm
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