How we work

We offer safer, secure, interest-free loans to help New Zealanders on low incomes get ahead with money.

How our loans work


Connect with a financial mentor.  Apply for a little loan to get you out of a tight spot with money.


If approved, you work with a financial mentor to learn how to reduce debt and manage your money.


You’ll have a better future with less stress, less worry and more control of your finances.

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The process: 9 steps to getting a little loan


In a tight spot?

Our loans are for people who are struggling to pay off rising debt, or who need to buy essential items (like a washing machine or medical fees), but have no savings. Please note – we do not provide loans for vehicle purchases.


You apply for a loan

You spend time working (at least two months) with a financial mentor, who’ll help you apply for a GetControl Debt Relief Loan, a GetAhead Asset Building Loan or a GetSet combo loan by filling out a form.


If the loan is approved

One of Ngā Tāngata’s team will work with you over the life of the loan, to answer any questions or assist with advice.


Choose your loan term

You can choose to pay the loan off over 6 months, 12 months or 2 years – your financial mentor will help you decide which will work best for you.


You work with a financial mentor

Your financial mentor will coach you on how to create a budget so you can manage your money better in the future, and help you set up your loan repayments.


Your loan is ready

Once your loan is ready, the money will go directly to paying off your debts or buying that essential item you need.


You repay the loan

Your loan repayments will be deducted from your bank account or benefit either weekly or fortnightly for the term of the loan.


We help someone else get a loan

You’ve paid it back – good work! The amount of your loan will be made available to someone else who’s going through tough times financially.


Your coaching doesn’t have to stop

We know it’s not easy getting your money under control, so you can keep working with your financial mentor for as long you need to.

Meet Virginia, one of our financial mentors

“I help my clients understand that’s there’s someone who can walk alongside them, who won’t judge them. Once they know they’re going to be okay, it’s so awesome. People often think there is no hope, but we can give them hope.”

Virginia McCreadie, Financial Mentor, Budget House Taupō