Our Vision

Ngā Tāngata Microfinance Trust’s vision is to build a just and equitable society, by promoting the economic and social inclusion of all who those living in Aotearoa New Zealand, particularly those on low incomes. This will be achieved by advocating for and assisting in the provision of safe and fair affordable finance options that strengthen financial capability, and by critiquing structural and economic forms of financial exclusion. Ngā Tāngata Microfinance works with local budgeting services to ensure loan applicants are willing and able to repay our loans, are supported through the repayment period, and are able to make positive and enduring changes to their money management.

How we work

Receiving Applications

The loans that Ngā Tāngata provides are a piece of a greater journey towards financial literacy and empowerment that we hope successful applicants will make with the support of budget advisors and ourselves.

Successful applicants are introduced to Ngā Tāngata through our relationships with budget advisors across New Zealand and are expected to maintain ongoing relationships with a financial mentor that has partnered with Ngā Tāngata.

Our budget advisors partners develop a relationship with each applicant over a minimum three month period, beginning the journey to financial literacy and empowerment, and will then work with the applicant, in conjunction with an Ngā Tāngata Loan Coordinator, to prepare and submit the loan application to Ngā Tāngata.

When Ngā Tāngata receives a complete loan application, it will be reviewed by a Loan Committee versus our lending criteria to determine whether an application will be approved.

Loan Committee

The Loan Committee comprises a minimum of five people trained and informed about the loan assessment process and familiar with the Roles & Responsibilities of the Loan Committee.

Loan Committee Members receive loan applications from the Loans Coordinator by group email and may comment and raise questions for the Loans Coordinator to resolve with the financial mentor/client. A minimum of three member votes is required for a loan application to be approved.

In the interest of privacy, and to maintain impartiality and integrity in the process, the identity of applicants is not known to Loan Committee Members.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be asked to continue their relationship with the financial mentor, agree to not taking on any further debt during the term of the loan, and arrange direct debits or benefit redirections.

A Ngā Tāngata Loan Coordinator will work with the successful applicants over the life of the loan, answering queries or assisting with advice.

Our loans