Fairer, kinder loans that change lives

Our interest-free, fee-free loans help to break the cycle of financial hardship for New Zealanders on low incomes. And that’s just the beginning: we’re helping people build financial skills that last a lifetime.

How we’ve helped so far...

$2.5 million

disbursed in interest-free, fee-free loans


New Zealanders and their whānau supported


of social good delivered to New Zealanders every year1


average interest charged by finance companies & loan sharks2


interest or fees charged on our loans

A financial safety net for those who need it most.

For the thousands of families living below the poverty line in Aotearoa New Zealand, having a rainy-day fund for when the fridge breaks down simply isn’t possible – often, they barely have enough money to survive.

For many, borrowing is the only way out of a tight spot and can lead New Zealanders on low incomes into ever-spiralling debt that’s impossible to pay off. That’s where we come in.

Since 2009, Ngā Tāngata Microfinance has been supporting people going through financial hardship to access fairer, safer loans to rebuild their lives.

Our interest-free, fee-free loans can be life changing. No interest and no fees (compared to an average 37%2 interest rate charged by finance companies or lenders of last resort) mean they don’t spiral into more debt and become even more impoverished.

Loans aren’t all we do...

As well as our interest and fee-free loans, we help to improve our clients’ financial stability through:


Creating a financial safety net (through our interest and fee-free loans)


Building financial skills (through sessions with a financial mentor)


Developing financial stability in the long term (through My Money Kete)

Reducing interest reduces poverty.

Our research shows that borrowing from high-cost lenders such as loan sharks and finance companies creates significant stress for those living below the poverty line. It negatively impacts mental health and wellbeing, as well as family violence and alcohol and drug addiction. Our work positively impacts whānau in several ways:

Mental health

Emergency benefits

Family violence

Child placement

Smoking & drug addiction

Risky behaviour

Unmanageable debt

Meet some of our clients

The clients we work with are some of the most inspiring and hardworking people in Aotearoa. While every story is different, they all needed a hand to get out of a tight spot.

Janie’s story
After her husband took almost everything they owned, a Financial Mentor helped Janie get back on her feet financially.
Bev's story
Bev’s story shows that talking to a Financial Mentor can make a huge difference.
Alison's story
Thanks to careful budgeting and a loan from NTM, Alison is able to make ends meet.

With thanks to Kiwibank

Our interest and fee-free loans are backed by our financial partner, Kiwibank. Like us, they’re dedicated to helping New Zealanders get ahead financially.

Your impact

Ngā Tāngata Microfinance is a charitable organisation that relies on the generosity of others to do our work. The more support we receive, the more people going through financial hardship we can help.

If you’d like to make our impact even greater, please donate – you’ll be helping us lift more New Zealanders above the poverty line and into better lives.

Our Impact

“I’ve learnt so much and I’m determined to start saving. The loan from Ngā Tāngata has saved my life - I can’t express how to thank you enough.”

“Without the NTM loan I don't know where I would be. It helped me get on my feet and ahead. It’s given me a step up.”

“NTM you have been my lifesaver. I am so grateful. There is no blooming way I am going to get myself into that state again.”

  1. ImpactLab GoodMeasure report November 2020
  2. Internal analysis: Loan applicants who declare their debts in their applications