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We provide safe, fair and affordable loans that change our clients’ lives for the better. Read our client stories to see the many ways we’ve helped low-income New Zealanders to get their money under control … and most importantly, to get ahead in life.

Meet Maria, who went from a ‘tough run’ to ‘under control’.

Maria* had been through a tough run of luck. Her debts were piling up and she was feeling very stressed about her financial situation.
“My long-term interest was building up,” she explains. “My health was failing me and I couldn’t work. I was going without the basics – things just got a wee bit ridiculous.”
Maria had been working with a financial mentor at Jubilee Budget Services in Invercargill, who mentioned applying for a loan from Ngā Tāngata Microfinance a while back, but Maria turned it down at first. “She told me all about it and gave me a brochure to read. I thought it was great, but at first I wasn’t keen on involving anyone else in my personal affairs.”

* Name changed to protect identity

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