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We provide safe, fair and affordable loans that change our clients’ lives for the better. Read our client stories to see the many ways we’ve helped low-income New Zealanders to get their money under control … and most importantly, to get ahead in life.

Meet Sonam, who used a GetControl Loan to get back on her feet financially.

At age 28, Sonam discovered she was pregnant to her long-term partner – however, he didn’t want the baby at the time and was planning to leave the relationship. On top of that, her family couldn’t support or help her as they don’t live in New Zealand and their Visas were rejected when trying to come here for her baby’s delivery.

“I had to go on the ‘single mum’ benefit. I was very grateful for it, but it wasn’t enough,” she explains. “I had previous debts from when I was working – things like the car, insurance – all of the things that come with life and children.”

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