A bigger place for the family

Tui’s loan application was for a tenancy bond, so that she and her 5 children could move into their own home after 10 months of living with Tui’s parents in a two bedroom house. Because of the cramped conditions the relationship with Tui’s parents had become very fragile; her father has a brain injury and at times he could not tolerate the ordinary noise of 5 children. Extra stressors have been the acrimonious relationship with the children’s father and a serious issue with the eldest daughter.

Tui had worked with the financial mentor (FM) and community worker for over 10 years. With their encouragement she undertook a course of study for a degree and is now employed using that qualification.

Tui is continuing to work with a FM to see her through this time when the compulsory student loan repayments are being taken out of her wages, leaving her little money to save. The FM informed her about the possibility of applying for a no interest loan to meet the cost of the tenancy bond. The loan was approved.

Tui, after moving into a less cramped living arrangement, was better able to manage the tensions between the children as well as those with the children’s father. Relations with Tui’s parents have also greatly improved. The Asset Building loan enabled this family to receive help that makes a substantial difference to their wellbeing while not further stressing their budget.

The team at Ngā Tāngata Microfinance was pleased to support a mother who was doing her best in a very difficult situation.

Note: all names including those of the loan companies have been changed. Any re-publishing of these case studies need the permission of Ngā Tāngata Microfinance Ltd.